Dell Premium Keyed Lock

Product Code: 461-10220

Product Features

  • Colour: Black
  • Warranty: 3 Year
  • Barcode: 5397063212859
  • Product Type: Cable Lock
  • Form Factor: Security Cable and Lock
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Product Description

The Dell Premium Keyed Lock safeguards your compatible Dell notebook and the data contained within. The industry-standard T-bar keyed locking mechanism and premium components provide high cut, pull, and torque strength for protection against theft. Simply attach the Dell Premium Keyed Lock to the lock slot on your Dell notebook, desktop computer, monitor, or IT hardware for a strong, tight fit that prevents scissors and other tools from pulling on and removing the lock. A 6-foot steel cable secures your Dell computer to a desk or any fixed structure. The thick cable features a carbon-tempered steel core to resist cutting. For the highest level of security, the lock head on the Dell Premium Keyed Lock has hidden pin technology that protects the lock from being picked. The cable connection pivots and rotates to make the lock easier to install and to remain less intrusive when installed. The cable connection is pull resistant for added security against forced intrusion. Bumpers on the lock head protect your computer and desk from scratching. The lock can be used while traveling or in the office. Simply route the cable around a sturdy, fixed structure and through the cable loop. Insert the T-bar lock into your notebook's security slot and use the key to lock and unlock. In the office, attach the Dell Lock to the lock slot (in the locked position) under the eject button on your Dell E-port Dock, and the lock will prevent your computer from being ejected from the dock. The Dell Premium Keyed Lock fits Dell laptops, desktop computers, monitors, printers, projectors, docks, and WYSE cloud clients which feature the industry-standard Kensington K-Slot security slot.

Warranty: 3 Year

Barcode: 5397063212859

Product Type: Cable Lock

Product Specification
Barcode 5397063212859
Case Colour Black/Silver
Colour Black
Form Factor Security Cable and Lock
Product Type Cable Lock
Warranty 3 Year
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