Fujitsu iRMC S4 Integrated Remote Management Controller - iRMC S4 Advanced Pack (NL)

Product Code: S26361-F1790-L244

Product Features

  • Universal system management solution for all Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers
  • Comprehensive control and analysis of Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers
  • Extensive power management inclusive pre-defined profiles and a scheduled mode to switch between profiles automatically
  • Monitoring of server-internal HDDs and RAID configuration
  • Support of local service display
  • Customer Self Service (CSS) concept
  • Secure data connections
  • CIM support
  • Efficient graphical console redirection (AVR)
  • Video Capturing
  • Virtual Media embedded Lifecycle Management (eLCM)
  • No limitation of iRMC S4 functions depending on server models
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Product Description

The ServerView integrated Remote Management Controller iRMC S4 enables extensive monitoring and management of Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers regardless of their system status - even in out-of-band operation. Implemented in a chip on the motherboard it integrates essential system management functions with extensive remote management functionality. As an autonomous system on the system board of a Fujitsu PRIMERGY server, iRMC S4 has its own operating system, its own web server, separate user management and independent alert management. iRMC S4 remains powered up even when the server is in stand-by mode. Communication is carried out via a LAN connection, which can be shared with the Fujitsu PRIMERGY server or used exclusively for system management. iRMC S4 forwards the signals from the keyboard, monitor and mouse digitally over the network. In addition to all free standard functions, an iRMC S4 advanced pack can be purchased enabling graphical console redirection - Advanced Video Redirection (AVR) and the use of multiple remote storage connections. iRMC S4 gives administrators or service technicians access to the server for extensive control, even at decentralized locations. In the event of server problems, routine tasks and maintenance can be carried out efficiently. iRMC S4 combines long-term expertise and practical experience gained with its successful predecessors. On top of the proven technology of iRMC S3, the new iRMC S4 features additional functionality including: Remote control of server-internal HDDs and RAID configurations also in agentless out-of-band operation, video capturing as a useful tool for remote troubleshooting, Virtual Media for remotely connecting multiple CD/DVD, HDD or FDD images or physical drives, as well as support of the open standard CIM (Common Information Model) via the Management LAN connection. As an important component within the ServerView embedded Lifecycle Management (eLCM) for Fujitsu PRIMERGY server the iRMC S4 supports here routine management tasks of system administrators with simplified, highly integrated and automated server management processes.

Model Name: S4

Product Type: Remote Management Software

Product Family: iRMC

Product Specification
Miscellaneous Microsoft Internet Explorer Version from Version 10. Mozilla Firefox from Version 23 (Windows and Linux version only)
Model Name S4
Operating System Requirements Windows Server 2008 all editions (32/64 bit; >SP2) • Windows Server 2008 R2 all editions (>SP1) • Windows SBS 2011 • Windows Server 2012 all editions • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86/EM64T/XEN; >SP2) • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (x86/EM64T/XEN; >U9) • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (x86/EM64T/KVM; >U4) • VMware ESXi 5.0 U2
Product Family iRMC
Product Type Remote Management Software
System Requirements
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