Netatmo Welcome Indoor Security Camera

Product Code: NSC01-UK

Product Features

  • Day/Night Usage: Yes
  • Weatherproof: No
  • Vandal Resistant: No
  • Main Colour: Gold
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Product Description

Instead of the usual motion alerts which require you to waste time watching the footage, Welcome sends an immediate alert if an intruder has been detected in your home, complete with a picture of their face and a video recording. When your children pass in front of the camera, Welcome recognizes them thanks to its revolutionary face recognition technology and notifies you on your smartphone. Don't just wonder if your elderly loved one has made it safely back home. Using its unique face recognition technology, Welcome sends notifications when the people you care about most have returned home. Access live stream to see what is going on in real-time. Do you ever wonder what your pet is doing while you are away? Welcome has a pet detection feature. Unlike other smart cameras that send imprecise motion alerts, Welcome tells you specifically when your pet passes in front of the camera, complete with a picture and a video recording, in real-time. You can also choose to deactivate pet detection alerts not to be alerted by your pet's movements around the house.

Barcode: 3700730501248

Product Type: Wireless Security Camera

Product Family: Welcome

Product Specification
Day/Night Usage Yes
Main Colour Gold
Vandal Resistant No
Weatherproof No