Arozzi Arena Leggero (114 x 72cm) Rectangular Desk (Black)


Product Features

  • Main Colour: Black
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Desk Width: 1140
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Product Description

The Arena Leggero was designed based off the original Arena Desk with the same high-quality but with a smaller surface of 114x72cm. Ideal for those who don't need the extra-large surface space or live in smaller living spaces. The entire surface of the Arena Leggero is covered with a microfiber mousepad. It has a bottom with anti-slip rubber to ensure that it stays in place on top of a tough MDF board. The full-surface mousepad is also water resistant, making clean up easy and simple. If you wish to have a more thorough cleaning, just throw in your machine washer at a low temperature & air dry afterwards. The Arena Leggero has 3 cutouts on top of the surface that lead to a mesh basket that tightly held against the underside of the desk top for cable management. This system is easier to manage, out of the way, and looks great. The 3 cutouts in the mousepad & MDF board aren't only for cable management but also to attach monitors. The height of the Arena Leggero is at a fixed 72.5cm (28.5inches) and has 4 balance adjustment knobs below the legs to prevent the desk from wobbling and adapting to your personal environment.

Barcode: 769498679449

Product Type: Computer Desk

Product Specification
Desk Width 1140
Main Colour Black
Shape Rectangular