HP Care Pack Post Warranty Service Pick-Up and Return Hardware Support CPU only 1 Year

Product Code: U4426PE

Product Features

  • Remote problem diagnosis and support - HP Services professionals work with you to isolate hardware problems and help with product installation, configuration, setup, and problem resolution
  • Repair centre services - For issues that cannot be resolved remotely, an HP-authorized representative at an HP-designated repair centre provides technical support on the failed hardware product, repairing or replacing components or the entire unit as necessary. Your coverage includes all required parts and materials
  • Pick-up by HP - An HP-authorized courier picks up your failed equipment at your site and delivers it to the HP-designated repair facility
  • Return shipment - An HP-authorized courier returns the repaired or replaced equipment to your location. Return shipment is by first-class ground transportation and usually takes between 3 and 7 days. You may request accelerated delivery for the actual additional cost of the shipment
  • Standard business hours coverage - Service is available 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays
  • Extend your hardware warranty coverage for key systems and devices
  • Obtain easy-to-buy, easy-to-use extended warranty services
  • Improve hardware performance and uptime
  • Increase the return on your HP and multi-vendor hardware investments
  • Enjoy consistent service coverage across geographically dispersed sites
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Product Description

HP Care Pack services offer upgraded service levels to extend and expand your standard product warranty with easy-to-buy, easy-to-use support packages that help you make the most of your hardware and software investments. They let you choose the support levels that meet your business requirements, from basic to mission-critical. They help you contain TCO. And they offer you coverage options for all key IT areas.

All Support packs must be purchased within 180-days of Hardware purchase date with the agreement start date being the Hardware purchase date (and NOT Support pack purchase date). Support pack registration should be done within 10-days of its purchase and is a must before receiving any support from HP. HP Support pack are available from commercial computer resellers. Product numbers ending with A are physical HP Support pack. Product numbers ending with E are electronic HP Support pack available through select resellers. Product numbers ending with VV are HP Support pack available through Select Express. Post-warranty: Product numbers ending with PA are physical HP Support pack product numbers ending with PE are electronic HP Support packs available through select resellers.

Product Type: Support Service

Product Family: Care Pack

Product Specification
Compatibility 22xxb Series 3/3/0 Warranty • 6xxxs Series 3/3/0 Warranty • 2510/2530p Series 3/3/0 Warranty • 2540p Series 3/3/0 Warranty • 2710p Series 3/3/0 Warranty • 273xp Series 3/3/0 Warranty • 2740p Series 3/3/0 Warranty • 6xxxp Series 3/3/0 Warranty • 8440p/8540p Series 3/3/0 Warranty • 8510p/8530p Series 3/3/0 Warranty 64x0b/65x0b Series 3/3/0 Warranty 64x5b/65x5b Series 3/3/0 Warranty • 87xxw Series 3/3/0 Warranty HP Remarketed Notebooks and Tablet PCs - 3 Year Base Warranty • nc24xx Series 3/3/0 warranty • nc4xxx Series 3/3/0 warranty nc6xxx Series 3/3/0 warranty • nw8xxx Series 3/3/0 warranty nc8xxx Series 3/3/0 warranty tc4xxx Series 3/3/0 warranty
Contract Period 1 Year
Form Factor Warranty
Product Family Care Pack
Product Type Support Service
Services Provided Pick-Up and Return
Type Extended Warranty
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