PLUS Replacement Projector Lamp Module for V339 Projectors

Product Code: 28-059

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Product Description

This product is a genuine Plus 28-059 replacement projector lamp unit, designed for use in the Plus V339 projectors. This is the complete projector lamp module (lamp and housing assembly), not just the bulb. Note: Maintaining your genuine Plus 28-059 projector lamp, and the projector, is important to help you get the most from the bulb. If the projector is switched on, avoid bumping or moving it until the bulb is off and cooled or it can be damaged.

You never know when your lamp might fail, so it's smart to carry a backup on business trips or keep a spare one at your presentation facility. PLUS projection lamps are ideally suited for this purpose, and the projector's lamp changer allows you to switch lamps without missing a beat. This lamp module is compatible with the following projector models: Plus V339 projectors.

Barcode: 4977564408244

Product Type: Projector Lamp

Product Specification
Brand Compatibility Unspecified